Paging Doctor Google

Hey there, it’s been a while! I haven’t blogged since 2015! How time flies.


This week I’ve been gifted the task of telling you a personal story about a time I was curious about something. What does it mean to be curious? It means watching a TV show and wondering what will happen next. It can be as simple as finding out what tomorrow’s weather will be like. Curiousity involves keeping our minds active and searching for the answers to questions life throws at us.


Life continues to throw me the same question: doctor, what’s wrong with me? When I’m curious about something, I ask my trusty friend Google. Google never lets me down (he’s actually helping me write this blog post!). I find myself consulting Google the most when I’m sick or have some sort of physical ailment. Google, how do I unblock my sinuses? Google, why does my shoulder click when I rotate it? Google, what causes gluteus minimus pain? Dr Google gives me all the answers: inhalation, loose joints and overuse. Thanks to Google, I can tell you exactly how viruses are spread (no, it is not just someone coughing around you), what medicines to take for certain ailments, symptoms of certain illnesses and what medicines interact with each other. Hypochondria at its finest!


In a way, my curiosity in regards to illnesses/physical ailments has actually had a positive impact on my life. I don’t need to worry when I feel like I’m getting sick as I know what to do, I can tell my friends what to take if they’ve got an upset stomach and most importantly I know how to avoid catching and spreading colds and flus! Yes it is slightly embarrassing to admit how much of a hypochondriac I am, but researching these things keeps my mind active. There are still so many things I am yet to learn. Who needs a medicine degree when there’s Google!



Latumahina, D, ‘4 Reasons Why Curiosity Is Important and How To Develop It’, LifeHack, viewed 3rd March 2017.


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